Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sean makes QUICHE

This post could also be titled "A Post for Cathy" :)

We're finally in our new permanent house (fleas and all but that's another blog post) and we have internet!! So, thanks for your patience and now, I promise, more regular updates from Bordeaux. We've been internet disabled for 4 months so we have lots of catching up to do but I thought I'd start with a quick post about something I know you are all drooling to hear about... French culinary adventures a la Raymond.

So, here you go... Sean's attempt at quiche. He made it for Owen's birthday though Owen only ate the crust (which was store bought). If I recall, it was a quiche aux legumes (veggie quiche) with mushrooms and courgette (zucchini). It was delicious!

We followed it up with a birthday dessert of galette des rois (literally flat cake of the kings). It is a special round cake that is eaten on the 12th day of Christmas in France (Jan 3) to celebrate the Wise Men arriving in Bethleham. (Though, I have to say, it's mid-February and I still am seeing them in the store). It's super sweet and you normally hide a small toy somewhere in the cake. The person who gets the toy in his or her slice gets to wear a crown. Owen got a candle in his slice instead.


ps to Cathy: Sean continues to perfect his recipe so that it's ready for you when you come visit. :)