Friday, March 5, 2010

More culinary adventures

After posting about Sean's quiche, we went on a baking spree. Well, I guess most people wouldn't call it a spree but we baked cookies and zucchini bread in the same week! For people who know us, this is pretty impressive.

First, we celebrated the Jewish holiday of Purim a week early by making Hamentaschen with the Hedelts. The cookies were DELICIOUS!

Then, a few days later we decided to make zucchini bread. Owen used to eat zucchini (courgette) but they have fallen out of favor so we had some left over.

Uncle Max Monkey looked on while Owen mixed the batter. He is Owen's new stuffed animal from the Antwerp Zoo. Bought for him by Marisa's uncle Max, Owen chose the name for the stuffed animal all by himself.

And the best part about zucchini bread is that Owen liked it a lot. I'm looking for recipes for spinach cake or something next so Owen gets his veggies. :)

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  1. Hi Owen !
    I am so impressed by Owen's culinary skills and Marisa's photographic attributes that my mouth is watering at the site of these delicious Hamentaschen !! Yum, yum, yum !! I hope you froze a few so grandpa can enjoy them when he comes in June (God willing and the creek don't rise !!) It will go spledidly with a fresh bottle of Chateaux Carignon Prima !! Love you all !! GS