Wednesday, March 31, 2010

On our own

Owen and I have been trying to stay busy since Vovo and Daddy left. We are more than half-way through our solo adventure and both of us are not 100% (Owen has a stuffy nose, I have a sore throat) and the weather has taken a turn for the not-so-nice so we spent today inside. And we both got to enjoy a nice long afternoon nap.

But, I wanted to post a few cute pics from the past few days because we have had many fun moments.

1) On Sunday, we went to a picnic hosted by the Bordeaux Women's Club, an anglophone club here. The picnic was at a lake in Caradsac (about 20 minutes away though it took us an hour thanks to my inability to follow French road signs and directions). The lake was beautiful and Owen enjoyed throwing rocks into the water. There was also a playground. Owen is really enjoying the big boy swings these days and does a great job holding on! After the arm incident of last week, I am a bit overprotective.

2) Playing on the deck. With cars, of course.

3) Our "forest" of new trees. We have an olive tree, 2 orange trees (one clementine and one "Oranges from Mexico"), and a Yucca plant. The yucca and Mexican orange tree are not pictured. In there place in this picture is a lemon tree for which we are house sitting.

4) One of Owen's new favorite activities is playdough! We spent over an hour today making playdough pizzas, playdough animals, and, of course, playdough Pixar Cars.


  1. We did so much in such little time, and treasured every single minute of it... Toujours la joie de vivre! Love you guys

  2. Love these pics and updates, Marisa! Owen is SO adorable and I love the pics of Bordeaux! Hope you keep posting :) - Cindy