Sunday, March 14, 2010

Ridin' in Style: Version Francais

Bordeaux was named one of the most bike friendly towns in France. So, even though, technically, we do not live in Bordeaux, but in a suburb called Floirac, Sean was very excited for our shipment from Colorado to arrive. Because buried amongst the 50-some-odd boxes of toys, clothes, pictures, and other material items ( which we thought we'd want/need in France but didn't seem to miss in the 4 months that we were separated) was Sean's bike!

So, in anticipation of having Sean's bike reassembled, we bought Owen a new bicycle seat. We miss the bike trailer (see Ridin' in Style from 2008) but it just isn't practical in a place where many people seem to drive too fast and the bike trailer is still a new concept. We are definitely not in Boulder anymore.

Sean finished putting the bicycle together and we installed Owen's bike seat. The boys just left for a test ride. So, literally, hot off the presses, here are the first pictures of Owen in his bicycle seat. Taken within the last 10 minutes:


  1. Hiyo Silver Away !!

    Grandpa Steve wants to know if the boys made it back as they biked off into the sunset ??

    Love you guys,

  2. Yes, the boys did return and Owen LOVED the bike seat. He asks to go for a ride every day. I'm going to have to buy a bike now so I can take him while Sean's at work. :)